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" For three years I've been purchasing the finest head wraps from my lovely sister Netfah. Thank you for empowering women with your beautiful art form !" 

~Amorous Ebony, Baltimore-MD


 "Simply Netfah has wrapped a movement in modest beautification and adornment of the sacred body temple for years. Her work is Priceless and her contributions to women are tremendous. "

~Poetica, Philadelphia-PA



" F.R.C.C is a must have for all young women/men. Netfah equips you with so many essential skills that the options become limitless!

~Tiffany,  Phila PA



" As a designer, creative energy is a necessary part of the process, but I felt like who I was as a designer was missing. Netfah's workshop helped me to awaken and inspire as a citizen of this Earth and an artist. I thank you!"

~ Sis Jameela Abdul Gani, NY



  " Netfah's Wrap-Wrap-Tuck head wrapping workshop was FABULOUS! From her segment on the energy of color to her knowledge and history of head coverage in world communities, Netfah makes you feel regal.. like a new you.   
Thanks so much dear sister! "   

                    ~ Sis Rahman, Trenton-NJ  


" The Wrap-Wrap-Tuck head wrap workshop Netfah offers is educational and informative. She is very knowledgeable and her experience shines through with her teachings. Well worth the time! "      ~ 

~Karen B, Willingboro-NJ