Head Wrapping: Professional Bookings

D.I.Y. F.R.C.C Sewing Workshop

Head Wrapping: Private Wrap~Wrap~Tuck Party



 " Everyone is going crazy about the headwrap you adorned on me. I felt so regal, so calm and self-assured. It was so comfortable and stable, I didn't have to adjust it at all. I actually forgot I was wearing it until someone complimented me on it! Lol. "

~Nan @ Baltimore Natural Hair Show



" F.R.C.C  ( fundamentals of raw clothing construction ) workshop is a must have for all young women/men. Netfah equips you with so many essential skills that the options become limitless!

~Tiffany,  Phila PA




" Netfah's Wrap-Wrap-Tuck head wrapping party was FABULOUS! From her segment on the energy of color to her knowledge and history of head coverage in world communities, Netfah makes you feel regal.. like a new you.  

Thanks so much dear sister!"   

                    ~ Sis Rahman, Trenton-NJ