With such notable admirers as India Arie, Queen Afua, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney and the Legendary Sister Carol, Wraptologist and Wholistic Designer Netfah Amina-Afia has been adorning women with her unique one-of-a-kind creations since the early 90's.

A sought-after expert in the field of wholistic adornment with a degree in family consumer science /fashion merchandising, she is the soul-owner of the Simply Netfah Design House and co-owner of InI Collective where her concept-to-completion creations are based on a slow-fashion approach to dressing for the healing, nurturing and beautifying of our sacred body temples.

From the styling of natural fabrics that harmonize and flow with our body movements, to the selection of specific colors to subdue or enhance our energies, Netfah travels around the world adorning women and conducting both private and public 'Pop-Up' shops, DIY workshops,  and head wrap/adornment classes designed to offer unique textile creations and a transformational experience for individuals to (re)discover new ways of adorning.

As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Netfah Amina~Afia earned her CHHA under the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Healers & Religion Assoc. to further connect mind with body and infuse a unique way of healing with adornment. Her offering of 1-on-1 private consultations has been a call answered for many seeking a more personalized approach to their sartorial sensitivities.

Rooted by her calling to heal and empower, Netfah continues to unify her passions and insight to inspire a consciousness in the art of adornment designed to raise the vibration of women all over from the inside out. 

"I am a creator and healer by nature. WOMEN are my inspiration. LOVE is my reason"


Simply Netfah is more than a's a lifestyle based on the healing, nurturing, and beautifying of our sacred body temples with slow-fashion sensitivities in mind. It's the adornment of wholistic creations that synergize and harmonize with our body, the selection of specific colors to subdue or enhance our energies, and the cultivation of a self-defining mindset that inspires and ultimately elevates us higher.  

" By tradition our raiments had meaning and became a form of self-expression allowing our outer expression to be a visual reflection of a consciousness within. Through the evolutionary cultivation of our craft and the sacred art of beautifying, we continue to fashion and liberate women into looking and feeling their best one creation at a time. "

~Netfah Amina~Afia


The female silhouette morphed into the wings of a butterfly representing a womans continual evolution into the highest expression of the Divine Feminine within.


A percentage of Simply Netfah sales go towards selected charitable and grassroots organizations supporting the upliftment and preservation of women, children and communities worldwide.